State-of-the-art equipment, an experienced production team, combined with our prototype design expertise ensure an end product that meets your specific needs. Customization is the key to DCM’s success in todays competitive marketplace.

With a combination of experience, and current business strategies we continually challenge ourselves; our innovative manufacturing improves product quality, while passing along a greater value to our customers.

Our department managers are all fully cross trained in our methods of production, creating a seamless transition as items flow throughout their necessary phases.

You can give us a quick sketch or a professional file, our efficient quotation process will set the stage for an uncompromised level of quality.

- with research and development for new and demanding concepts.

- aid in the development and design of your project.

- from conception to final delivery, we are a full service supplier.

We are happy to help you...

Our manufacturing capabilities can satisfy any of your needs in Sheet Metal, Tubing and Wire, including:

  1. Brackets

  1. Chassis

  1. Supporting Frames

  1. Structures

  1. Housings

  1. Light Fixtures (UL available)

  1. Displays - P.O.P.

  1. Stampings

  1. Wire Components

  1. Tubular Components

  1. Store Fixtures

  1. Signs

  1. Banner Advertising

  1. Cabinets & Enclosures

DCM has manufactured, and in some cases value engineered metal components which were fabricated to showcase some of the brands below, and many others.

  1. K-Mart

  1. Wal-Mart

  1. Sony

  1. RCA

  1. CVS

  1. Reebok

  1. Panasonic

  1. Publix

  1. Toys-R-Us

  1. Rite Aid

  1. Dom Perginon

  1. Bacardi

  1. Movado

  1. Foot Locker

  1. Walgreens

DCM is a cost effective manufacturer who provides custom metal fabrication manufacturing on site, ensuring prompt response and an immediate around (short lead time). DCM’s unmatched ability to dovetail engineering, estimating and production departments confidently offer effective solutions for your most challenging needs.




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